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To be a reliable and stable supplier of high quality packaging materials

The Specialty Papers division produces laminated foil paper and printed paper, mainly for tobacco packaging. This division also produces paper cores used in the textile industry and metalised paper for cosmetic packaging. Backed by over 30 years of experience and an extensive network of operations across Asia to ensure close support to customers, the Group has established a strong reputation as a quality, reliable and responsive manufacturer of Specialty Papers for fast moving consumer goods industries.

Products Applications
Laminated Aluminium
Foil Paper
Laminated foil paper is formed through the adhesion of aluminium foil to base paper. The key products are foil paperboard, foil tissue and foil paper which are used for cigarette packaging. These laminated foil paper products are also applicable to the food & beverage, wine, liquor, tissue box and cosmetics packaging industries.
Coated Paper Coated paper is a specialty paper that is coated with metallic inks to provide a visual simulation to aluminium laminated papers. This product is mainly used in the cigarette packing industry.
Laminated Metalised Polyethylene Teraphthalate ("MPET") Board

Laminated MPET board is formed through the adhesion of MPET to a base board. This product is mainly used on cigarette boxes, and in the cosmetic and food packing industries.
Paper Core
Paper Cone
Paper core and paper cone are formed through continuous adhesion of multi layer papers in a geometric pattern into a tube or cone formation. This product is mainly used in the textile and paper industries.

Industries and Markets

The Specialty Papers Division serves a wide network of customers spanning the Asia Pacific region from its operating facilities in multiple locations. Its customers hail from varied consumer-related sectors, including tobacco, food & beverage, wine, liquor and cosmetics industries. As a testament to the division’s capability and efficiency in the manufacture of high quality specialty paper products, the Group has both national and multinational companies as its customers.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Strategic manufacturing plant locations
Headquartered in Singapore, the Specialty Papers Division has steadily expanded its manufacturing scale and locations across the region. Today, the division has several manufacturing plants located in four countries, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and United Arab Emirates. This multiple location strategy ensures prompt service and shorter product delivery lead time to customers in the region. In fact, the network of manufacturing facilities is a strong value proposition to multinational customers as the division is able to provide better support to their worldwide operations through quicker time-to-market and greater manufacturing reliability.

Continual investment to upgrade capabilities
Since commencing operations in 1976, the Specialty Papers Division has continually invested in new technology and equipment to enhance its technical capabilities and meet the changing needs of customers. Utilising imported technology from Japan and the USA, the division's aim is to deliver consistent and high quality specialty paper products, and to stay at the forefront of competition by maintaining state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

The Specialty Papers Division boasts modernised manufacturing equipment which includes more than 15 high-speed and efficient laminators and full quality control equipment. The majority of the facilities under the Specialty Papers Division that serve major tobacco companies are ISO 9001:2015 certified. In addition, the division places strong emphasis on efficient supply chain management to ensure timely delivery of products.

The Specialty Papers Division's continual investment in new equipment and technology has not only raised its product quality and operational efficiency, but also broadened its product range to ensure a product portfolio that is relevant in today's marketplace. As part of its ongoing initiatives, the division is continually developing new capabilities that are applicable to both tobacco packaging as well as other fast-moving consumer goods segments.

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